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Introducing Exciting Programs

2024-2025 academic year

At Growing Tots Preschool, we are thrilled to announce the addition of new and exciting programs to enrich the learning experience of our young students. We believe in providing a well-rounded education that focuses not only on academics but also on the holistic development of each child. With this in mind, we are introducing the following programs along with Dance and physical activities:

Acting Classes:

We recognize the importance of developing confidence, creativity, and effective communication skills from a young age. Our acting classes provide a fun and interactive platform for children to express themselves through dramatic play, storytelling, and role-playing activities.

Abacus and Multiplication in Junior and Senior KG (LKG/UKG):

Mathematics forms the basis of logical thinking and problem-solving. To strengthen the numerical abilities of our little ones, we offer specialized abacus and multiplication classes designed specifically for junior and senior KG students. Through hands-on activities, games, and visual aids, children will develop their calculation fluency and mental math skills.

Hindi and Kannada Language Classes (LKG and above):

We are proud to offer Hindi and Kannada language classes for our students starting from LKG. These classes provide an opportunity for children to learn and develop their language skills in Hindi and Kannada, which is not commonly available in most preschools. Through engaging activities and interactive learning, children will be introduced to the basics of these languages, including vocabulary, pronunciation, and simple conversations.

At Growing Tots Preschool, we prioritize the holistic growth of our little ones. These new programs aim to provide a well-rounded learning experience that incorporates creativity, cognitive development, physical fitness, and self-confidence.

Thanks to all the parents for yourΒ supportΒ πŸ™.


Why Us?


πŸš€ Discover Why People Choose Growing ToTs As Their Child's Learning Place πŸ“š

Thoughtfully Crafted Programmes πŸ“š

Focused on holistic development of each child, we offer programmes for kids aged 1 through 5

Modern & Scientific Curriculum πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬

We believe in the Multiple Intelligence Theory to ensure every child’s abilities shine through

Collaborative Methods involving Parents πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

We encourage parents to share in this joyous and nurturing experience.


About Us


Learning is a continuous and constant process, and pre-school education lays the foundation for the way your child will learn. It provides a smooth transition between home and formal schooling. Most importantly, it is the first step, away from home to promote self-esteem, socialize with peers, shed anxiety & fear, and identify unique qualities – all in a safe and secure atmosphere. At Growing Tots, we offer many meaningful learning opportunities for your child to satisfy their curiosity through innovative play, activities, song and dance resulting in joyful learning experiences that your child would cherish forever.
Children of age group 2 yrs to 6 yrs are very sensitive and absorb information at a much higher rate than adults. Keeping this in mind, Growing Tots has adopted the Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner, which is included in the curriculum and helps us observe the inborn talents of each child while encouraging them. Molding these little ones into good human beings with morals and ethical values is our motive. Having an experience of ten plus years in preschool education, we have gained the confidence to do our job with sincerity and commitment. Each child poses for us a unique experience of learning and teaching and with the help of parents and guardians we ensure the healthy psychological growth of your child.

Parents as Partners

Parenthood is a joy and a responsibility. You have already taken a step in the direction of your child’s holistic development through enrollment at Growing Tots. The next step is to be involved in your child’s learning through working with us. Your child will spend some time at school learning new things everyday with the help of teachers, toys, books, worksheets etc. It is important that this experience is mirrored even at home, where they will spend a majority of their time. We encourage parents to share in this joyous and nurturing experience.

Parents Counseling

It is inevitable that new or old parents may face some challenges with their children. Whether it is behavioural issues, medical problems or simply ensuring the child’s positive mindset, we are here to help you. Our early childhood educationists are experienced in challenges that parents face and will provide you with tips and counselling as and when necessary.

β€œThe first five years have everything to do with how the next 80 turn out”
-Bill Gates


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Our Programs


Play Group

2 - 3 Years


3 - 4 Years


4 - 5 Years


5 - 6 Years

Play Group Details

The Playgroup program is designed to help the child adjust to a new environment away from home. Our curriculum is scientifically designed to motivate the child to be inquisitive to learn, develop motor skills, social skills, and group interactions.

Activities include singing, dancing, storytelling, indoor and outdoor play for your child to feel comfortable and learn basic skills for Nursery. The timetable is designed in such a way that we change the activity after every 20 min for your child considering their patience span.

Nursery Program Details

Classroom Tour

Our Nursery Program teaches essential skills like pre-reading, pre-writing, logical skills and social skills in a natural sequence that encourages children to learn gradually.

We have programs like circle time, show, and tell, art and craft, dance and music which concentrate on the overall growth of the child. At the end of the year, every child is more than ready to go to mainstream school with the required confidence.

LKG Program Details

With the emphasis on Multiple Intelligence, we not only concentrate on academics in Junior KG but also encourage the child to explore the in-born skills by exposing them to self-learning, through creative endeavors. The academic curriculum is at par with the CBSE and ICSE syllabus followed by mainstream schools.

Long-term projects and regular field trips are also organised for practical knowledge and exposure. We change the activity after every 20 min for your child considering their patience span.

UKG Program Details

We prepare them for primary school learning. We train them to do all their jobs independently, learn more writing and reading, more experiments, more exposure to practical learning. Apart from this, they are introduced to the academic curriculum as prescribed by CBSE / ICSE boards.

Although there is a lot to learn in Senior KG for a child from an academic point of view, we make it fun for the child to learn. Language and numbers are taught in a way the child enjoys and never forgets. Abacus is also introduced by trained teachers in the Senior KG curriculum for a better understanding of numbers.

Key Features & Amenities

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the student-teacher Ratio?

We have a healthy student-teacher ratio of 10:1. An assistant teacher or helper is always present in the class to aid the teacher.

2. Are toys child friendly?

We have specifically designed toys made from non-toxic materials and smooth/round edges which are completely safe for your child.

3. What steps do you take to maintain cleanliness and hygiene?

Floors and bathrooms are cleaned everyday with child-friendly disinfectants. Toys, books and mats are also cleaned every day. More thorough cleaning is done once a week to maintain a dust-free, germ-free environment.

4. What is the cost of a particular programme?

Information on specific cost of each program along with kits and uniforms is available at your nearest centre.

5. What are the day care facilities provided?

Day care facilities are provided on request from Monday to Saturday. Food sent by parents/guardians is fed to the child under the supervision of a teacher and helpers. Medication, if any, will also be administered as per instructions given. Day care activities include nap time, free play and rhymes. For information about the cost, please contact your nearest centre.

6. We need transport facilities for our child. How can we avail of the same?

Transport facilities are available on request for residences located within a 6 km radius. A licensed driver and a helper will assist your child in boarding and unboarding the vehicle. Utmost care is taken to ensure your child’s safety during transit.

7. What are the arrangements made in case of an emergency?

A first-aid kit is available at each centre in case of emergencies. Medical professionals can be called upon if necessary. Parents/guardians are informed immediately.

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