At Growing Tots, safety and hygiene is always our top priority

We ensure that our children and staff are safe, happy, and healthy.

We use robust, comprehensive safety protocols that are based on
- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
- International Standard

We want our

Safety measures taken at GrowingTots

Entire Premise with CCTV surveillance

Security to monitor the gate

Video & Audio doorbell

Auto lock gate with Electromagnetic locks

GPRS and Live CCTV with audio in School van. App accessible to parents who opt transportation

Escort card - Only parent and assigned guardians can pick their child

No delivery boys allowed inside the premise at school working hours

Parents and visitors are not allowed to visit the classrooms at school hours

Technician for Emergency maintenance will be accompanied by school staff strictly

No male staff are allowed inside classrooms while school hours

First aid kit – We are tied-up with motherhood hospital for any medical emergency. We provide our staff with training on how to deal with common injuries such as cuts, burns, bites, and stings.

Firefighting - To increase awareness of fire-fighting techniques and the methods to respond swiftly in such a situation, we conduct mock fire drills and briefings periodically.

Hygine measures taken at GrowingTots

Washing hands frequently

Nontoxic toys

Clean and spacious washroom

Pest control - weekly

Sanitizing (full building) – once a month

Daily cleaning after classes

Deep cleaning – weekly

Air freshener power pocket in all washrooms

Air freshener balls in all toilet flush tanks

Daily inspection

The school coordinator is assigned to take a round every day for an inspection. The daily inspection covers the following

🚽 Washrooms βœ”
πŸ“š Books arrangements βœ”
🧸 Toys arrangements βœ”
πŸŒ† Dusting βœ”
πŸ“ƒ Tissue and Napkins availability βœ”
πŸ•Έ Spider web βœ”
🐜 Bugs βœ”
πŸ‘ƒ Odor βœ”
🦟 Mosquito repellent βœ”
🏠 Floor merchandise βœ”

POSCO (Protection of Children from Sexual offences).
As a Growing Tots member, we strive to be a more effective participant in efforts to prevent and intervene against child abuse and neglect. We therefore train our teachers, assistant staffs, admin staffs, security and driver on how to touch, hold and handle children. You’re in the right place. Let your growing tots grow in the safest hands

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